Ultras contro fascismo! For freedom & equality!

Am Wochenende vom3./4. Juni findet in Mestre (bei Venedig) das Einladungtournier Alerta Cup statt. Die poetisch-rebellische Erklärung lohnt sich.

Ten years have passed since the Bae’s gone, leaving us a unique opportunity to build a dream. A dream that many of us have built. From Cosenza in Sankt Pauli. Hundreds of reality. Together. Brick by brick. Sweat on sweat. Joy and fatigue, joy and struggle. We arrived there, in the Lacandon Jungle to express solidarity and brotherhood. To bring our dreams. Dreams of Francis. The dreams of us all. And with the force of dreams we have built bridges. Between different cultures. Between the worlds of the ultras and those movements. Among the stories of those who migrate and those who welcome. This was El Estadio del Bae. One hundred thousand dreams in memory of Francis. And the Tournament of Bae was the rendez-vous of these realities. Were all together. Play and talk, play and dream. Know each other. Walking asking. And this path, this wealth can not be lost. So we decided to take the chance arrival of Alert Cup 2011 in Venice start again. To rebuild that location so rich in humanity that we saw all the protagonists. To return to build with you all the Tournament of Bae. The ten years are just an excuse. The truth is that BAE is under way and back every day. The truth is that we lack too much that we built together. Together with him and to all of you. Those dreams, that desire for change, to defeat death, the burning desire to live and rebellion. For this we are back here, all together, to cry out:

Que viva El Bae! Viva la vida y muera la muerte!


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