Brigata Amaranto 25 Aprile

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On the 25th of April 2008 some friends met at the Trattoria Il Casolare to celebrate the Liberation of Italy from Fascism and to found an AS Livorno fan club. After some Pizza, Pasta, Dolci and a significant quantity of wine the Brigata Amaranta Venticinque Aprils (BA25A) was announced to be found. A present Nizzatifoso testified the highly explosive historical event.

We are a group of football fans. We discovered our love to the Associazione Sportiva Livorno Calcio neck over head. Some purged to the Amaranti a little earlier, others been inflamed only a short time ago. However, at least after our trip to Livorno in March 2008, when we were so cordially taken by the Livornesi and experienced the Curva Nord lively, we were completely delighted.

We are friends. We are fans. We go to football matches. We support our team loud and frenetic. Sometimes we swivel flags, throw Confetti or Loo paper. Sometimes we are drinking a beer. Sometimes even two! We are always on the side of the Truth, everybody, always and even more. We do not like hierarchical fan structures. We do not need a choir leader. We know by ourselves when and what we want to sing. Sometimes we even think by ourselves! Then we think that the capitalistic utilization of modern football is not a desirably development and we criticise the expansion of neoliberal structures into the football arena. The repression against and the commercialization of the fan culture make us furious! We do not tolerate Fascists, Anti-Semites, Homophobiists and other Fetishists of Exclusions!

We would like to travel to Livorno much more than we do today. Unfortunately, there is a substantial discrepancy between our economic reality and the idealistic will. However, we work hard on changing this. But, as long as these two worlds are separated and are too far from each other, remains us just the world wide web with its advantages, a good home-made Ponce and a longingly dreamy look to the south! And every time when we are standing in a another stadium than the Picchi, we also think of the AS Livorno and sing for him!

Forza sempre magico Livorno!